Sunday, December 12, 2010

Oh dear. This update, and at SUCH a prompt time!

Okay guys. So. I'm updating my blog! A few things...

I had kinda quit runescape, cause RL happened. Yeah. Now I'm back.

Yesterday, I got 89 magic. Today I had set out to get 90 magic! I was all set, I was going to ice burst it for a bit. I had 3k casts, and was at mummies. I decided, "This sucks." And left. As I was switching to lunars, Merch, Nez and Coss were calling on someone to do a large F21 dungeon. I decided, "Why not?" So we did this dungeon. I was called upon to look up many potions, and do nothing else special. Except for DC 3 times. I ended up leveling, getting 56 dungeoneering. It's low, but I'm getting there!
This distracted me from maging. (As is writing this blog.)90 magic will be my first 90+ (after 7 years of playing or so? Gosh.) I'm so happy. It's so close, yet so far. Around 400k xp now. I'm stringing amulets in Edgeville. I guess it's a small update, but I decided, "Why not?" So. Thanks for your time!


Monday, July 19, 2010

I was the first person.

I entered the lowest level mini dungeon thing at the chaos druids. FIRST. PERIOD. I am the FIRST PERSON to do it. Well, in my world, but I'm to blind to see other worlds counting. YAY. ME.! :DDDDD

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yet another small update, RULES OF THE BANK.

Okay, I decided I'd give you a quick rundown of the rules of Edgeville bank, following the "Ancient Effigy Onslaught."

Here is my list of cleverly, 100% true;
1: No matter how much you beg, or plead, SUMMONING can not be assisted, nor will your whining make it so.
2: Everyone is maxxed, No exceptions. Add them all you want, they are going to forget you, and will be maxxed out as soon as they log in with the ability to assist again.
3: That spell is string Jewellery, That spell is Plank make, if it's not. They are individual, and their methods should be destroyed.
4: Despite anything, attempt is futile, if ANYONE has over 97 construction, the simple act of them LOGGING IN grants them a maxxed out assist system. I don't care how much money you have.
5: Because they lend you a godsword, or dclaws. They don't want to be your friend. They want your money, and you are pathetic for adding them.
A. They are usually noobs, with one high stat and think they're cool, and you can't explain to them tactics.
B: They will ruin your trip, when they show up in Dhide and an anti dragonfire shield.
7: Every person smithing, isn't making gold amulets, and if they are, they already have a buyer. You are not he.
8: DO NOT ASK FOR FARMING ASSISTANCE. No one has above 97 farming. The capes are a lie. It's a paper mache, the only true attainable level in farming is 92. This has been proven by the top scientists.

Also, I got 85 magic! I had a screenshot, but I had to go, and it got lost in translation. Well, there isn't much else.

Have a good one,
With love,

Monday, July 12, 2010


Okay, don't have anything to update with really. RuneScape has slowed down for me... yeah. Still active, just training magic, slowly. Meh. Nothing really outside of that. Really want 1800 total. I need to get more stats to 70... Guess, I'm out.

With Love,

Friday, July 9, 2010


Oh dear, the amounts of win in this blog...

Firstly, Smithing.


Quite proud of this, it took a long time, and was very stressful. It looks quite pretty as a 70 stat in my opinion. I was able to boost this to 73 for the varrock diary. I love my Varrock armour 3. :) Great great achievement if you ask me.

Secondly, Magic.


Another stat I'm proud of. It used to be my lowest combat stat, and is now my second highest, tied with range, under defence. *Hitpoints not included* I like this stat as 80+, with lunars, I see it as a skill, and not a combat thing. Yay. :)

Thirdly, Farming

This would've been the star update, but not quite so after today, if I posted yesterday, this would be the major thing, here it is!


YES!!!!! 70 FARMING!!! FINALLY. I'm so proud of this, beyond proud of any other stat. I love this so much, it's sooo pretty. This time last year, I would've been happy with 50! Oh dear, I love it so much. :)

Last update of my char, Runecrafting (with a bonus.)


This stat marks every stat over 60+. A long time dream of mine, finally achieved today, July 9th. I'm the most proud I've ever been quite honestly. I'm soo happy with this. It put me at 1750 total. I need 50 more levels in some skills. :D

Okay; now to other news.

I'd like to congratulate Tanyakins on becoming a star! She's now a captain, (I believe) in canting away! What and honour! She really deserves it, a great person, and a good friend. Shine on. ;)

I'm now level 40 in dungeoneering. Almost all of this is from penguins. The rest? Tears of guthix. :D I think only 400 xp came from actual dungeons, not a lot. I suck at dungeoneering. One dungeon, and i'm set for the week. :) I'll let penguins get that up for me.

I'm currently aiming at 70 mining, I will achieve this with stars mainly, going to every star called in canting. Can't wait for 70 mining, I'll be super proud of that. I'm also going for 70 agility, then, in a random order, all 70 plus. I will get 70 runecrafting, with the lamps from while guthix sleeps. :) I hate that skill.

Also, I need to start questing. I'd love a good 280 290 quest point count. I really need higher quest points. I'm tired of being mediocre in that field, as I am with everything else. Would you consider 280, 290 exceptional?

Here are all of my stats. :)


Thanks for reading, if you ever do!
With love,
Tripp. <3

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, I finally got 60 farming.

Woooot. Yew trees.

This is old news, seeing as i'm now 65 farming!!! Woooott!!! :D

I've been spamming yews and papayas. Wasting plenty of cash, but it's all in good reasons. Varrock... armour... 3..... <333333

I'd like to congratulate tanyakins on defeating Damis! wootz!!! I'm still going to get help you get Kamil soon.

I want to have 60 dungeoneering by the Canting Away summer Festival, which I'm still not sure of my event. It will be around, 2 Am GMT. That's 9 pm here. Great time. I also want to get 82 magic and 70 herblore. My overall goal, is 70+ in every stat. From there, QUEST. POINT. CAPE. Gonna eat nomads cookies. :D I really have some catchup to do, and I need to do Mournings end part 2. I have my plan though. When I deserve to do it, I've got a nice, Extra long HappyHardcore mix, that will fill my ears with joy!!!

Smithing away. Oh dear, I've got some 5.5k more gold bars I have to smelt. This will put me at 70 smithing. I'm gonna use a stew for the extra 3 levels to do my Varrock Diary. I have my falador shield 3, which I love. And I just got my Explorer ring 3, which I LUFFFCCVVES!!<3333 :D They are amazing for farming.

I can not wait untill I have that varrock armour 3. I just CAN NOT WAIT. Gonna feel soo pro.

Well, that's it for this update. Thanks for reading.

With Love,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Level ups!!!

Okay. So, i've been very very close to 1700 total level. I've been grinding to achieve it. Well...

YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! 1700 total omg omg yus yus usefvsdxgrke4l;2!~!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that that's out of the way. You can see I got it at 59 farming. I'm sooo close to 60, and yews. Then, I'm going to train up to 70, and get VARROCK ARMOUR 3!!! >:O I can't wait, oh dear. I can't wait. Here's a close up of the 59 farming, which gained me 1700 total level.

So, I spent a good deal of my money. Spent it all on d bones. Spent a good amount of time on world 31, tediously running to and fro the house parties that were open.

I got it.

yeah. That means piety for me! Also, cool fact. I can jump into ooglog, and get 78 prayer. I may go and get 72, just to fake an 80. ;)

Now, my goal is 70 smithing. This means running to the furnace, then to the bank, then to the furnace, then to the bank. I've got about 7.6k gold ores left to smith, for 70. Then, I should have all the requirements for finishing the varrock diary. Oh dear, I can SMELL the pretty varrock armour. <333

I'm currently 58 runecrafting. I'm gonna get 59, next week at penguins, then train it to 60. I'll have 60 farming before that, so that will be all 60+ for me!!! :D *Save dungeoneering. I suck at it. :/ Teach me to dungeon, yes?:D*

This wraps up this installment of Periodic RuneScape.
Have a good one,
With love,
Tripp. <3